According to KATC TV3 Storm Team 3 Meteorologist Dave Baker, the amount of rain that fell this week in Acadiana is MORE than the amount of water that Lake Pontchartrain holds.

Lake.  Pontchartrain.  More than THE WHOLE LAKE fell on Acadiana. Actually, about one and a half Lake Pontchartrains!  According to Dave's numbers (we're friends, so I can call him "Dave") (but don't tell him that, he doesn't know), Lake Pontchartrain holds approximately1.5 trillion gallons of water, and the Acadiana area received approximately 2.2 trillion gallons since Friday!

2.2 trillion gallons!  A college fraternity can't even go through half that much water on a Sunday morning while suffering with cotton mouth!  That's a lot of water!

Facebook/Dave Baker

Using the most raw numbers...Lake Pontchartrain holds approximately 1.5 Trillion Gallons of water. An average 20 inch rain over Acadiana (6500 square miles) is equal to 2.2 trillion gallons of water!!! Who knew?? - Facebook/Dave Baker, KATC Meteorologist


Thank you Dave for not only putting the flood into perspective, but for the endless hours that you put in over the past few days to keep us updated and safe!

Now, put away the internet and go give your neighbor a hand cleaning up their house (it's the Cajun way!).

(Facebook/Dave Baker)