(KPEL News) - When it comes to snakes, they freak me out!

You know the saying "The only good snake is a dead snake?" Well, that's me. Yeah, I know, there are some snakes that are great for keeping other pests away from your home, such as king snakes who eat other poisonous snakes.

But, these snakes look too much like the poisonous coral snakes for me to care about whether it should continue to live or not. I'm not alone as they can get the best of many of us.

Anyway, snakes who squeeze their prey to death - otherwise known as killer constrictors - are found to be fascinating by many people. Movies such as the Anaconda series have seized upon that fascination.

Well, I came across a crazy video of a deer wrapped in the clutches of a constrictor. Now, normally, that would mean a dead deer. But, watch as one person decided that the deer needed to be saved. Here's how it was done.

Yes, some ingenuity and a tree branch was what was needed to help free the deer to go back to its normal life.

It was great to see someone take an interest in helping the deer escape.

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