Here is your 10 am Hurricane Ida advisory.

The National Weather Service has Hurricane Ida currently at 28.8 N, 90.0 W, maximum sustained winds are at 150mph traveling NW at 13mph.

National Weather Service Via Twitter

Hurricane Ida is expected to continue on its northwestward path, taking a turn to the north at some time this morning (8/29/21).

The map below shows the areas of Louisiana and Acadiana that are under Tropical Storm Watch and Hurricane Warning as of 10 am (8/29/21).

NWS Via Twitter

From The National Weather Service -

An extreme wind warning is in effect for Houma LA, Bayou Cane LA, Estelle LA until 1:30 PM CDT for extremely dangerous hurricane winds. Treat these imminent extreme winds as if a tornado was approaching and move immediately to an interior room or shelter NOW!


NWS Via Twitter

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