After reading a story first reported by WCAU-TV in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I am both relieved and bewildered.  First I'm relieved to know that serious crime is totally under control there because an officer of the law took precious time to ticket the mother of a two-year-old boy for answering Nature's Call in the parking lot of a department store.  Secondly, I'm bewildered by the actions of a police officer who had nothing better to do with his time.

The story unfolds like this:

Two year old Nathaniel is shopping with his mom, Caroline Robboy, when he informs her of his need.  Caroline was told by employees of the store that their facilities were not available for customer use.  Caroline then left the store presumably to find facilities for Nathaniel who promptly headed to light post and relieved himself.  I'm sure Caroline was embarrassed and/or reaching for her cell phone to video the youngster when an officer of the law (who until this day remains unidentified) rolls up and writes the mom a citation for public urination which involves a $50 fine then gives her a stern lecture on parenting.  The officer told Caroline he was doing this for the boy's protection because "God forbid there might have been a pervert out there" looking at her son.  Seems to me the only person looking at the child was the officer.

Obviously this officer does not have children or has never had to babysit a two year old.  A recently potty-trained two year old will find a way to relieve him or her self instead of wetting his/her pants.  Another thought about the incident, I'd bet the officer doesn't know how hard it is to catch a running two year with peeing on his mind!  I wonder why the ticket is for public urination?  Mom didn't do the crime so why does she have to pay the fine?  Why didn't the officer write the child up for public indecency instead?  I know the perpetrator in this case was a minor but if the officer is going to be this finicky I think he should be charged with dereliction of duty.

If the officer has time to devote to this kind of enforcement I would feel safe to walk through any neighborhood in Philly, day or night because the city must be crime free.  This is the kind of crime you would expect in Mayberry with Barney Fife writing the citation.  Give me a break.

Mr. Officer did you have nothing else to do on this day?

What do you think?  Am I right or is the officer?  Please leave a comment.