It's springtime in Louisiana, so many of us are out in our yards working in our flower beds or making vegetable gardens. While doing so, inevitably, we're going to run into a bug or twenty. When you see this bug, please don't touch it!

It's called the Puss Caterpillar, and its sting can be enough to warrant a call to the Poison Control Center or a visit to the ER. National Geographic lists the Puss Caterpillars as "the most venomous caterpillar in the United States".

The Florida Poison Information Center says that, while not everyone will have adverse, long-lasting effects from a Puss sting, those with underlying health conditions including allergies, asthma, hay fever, etc., should call a physician immediately.

If you do get stung by a Puss, immediately put tape on the affected area and then remove the tape which, hopefully, will remove some or most of the spines the caterpillar left in your skin. Also, the Florida Poison Information Center recommends ice packs on the area ahead of covering with a paste made from baking soda and water.

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