Well at least this doesn't shock me.  Senator Mary Landrieu is opposed to a requirement that voters present valid government issued photo ID to vote.  Not shocked in the least.

I have to show photo ID to visit my doctor, to cash a check, use my credit card and for many other activities but Landrieu doesn't see any point in the photo ID requirement to vote.  My question to Senator Landrieu is,

The right to vote is one of the most important rights we as Americans have.  Many have died and continue to die for that right so why would you not want to protect that right?

Does Landrieu think it's an economic hardship on the disadvantaged?  They get free cellphones so why not issue free photo ID's?  Just walk into the DMV with a birth certificate and have them snap a picture and issue you an ID.  Simple as that and cheaper than a cellphone or two for everybody.

Even if a person doesn't have a birth certificate they can get one at the Clerk of Courts Office.  If it is deemed cost prohibitive why not give them a free birth certificate...one time only and it's still cheaper than a free cellphone.  Get the birth certificate then go to the DMV to get a photo ID.  If all of this is too much trouble to vote...tough!  Don't vote.

I know this photo ID thing might put a crimp in voting in St. Bernard Parish where it's been rumored that the dead vote and some even vote multiple times but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

I think it's time that photo ID's be required to vote like it is required for just about any other transaction in this nation.  Maybe instead of photo ID's we could just dip our thumb in red ink borrowed from the government like they do in many third world countries.  Goodness knows we have enough red ink to go around.

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