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"The Lafayette Food Junkie Show," which airs from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. on Sunday nights here on Newstalk 96.5 FM KPEL, gives Lafayette and the Acadiana area it’s own show dedicated to the food we all love to enjoy and talk about!

On Sunday's show, Tiffiany Decou, "The Lafayette Food Junkie," and Chef Zach Doise with "LaStreat" food truck posed the question to listeners about whether there are too many food trucks here in Lafayette. Also, in her "Where did I eat this week?" segment, Tiffiany talked about her experience at Jolie's. And, to wrap up the show, Tiffiany and Chef Zach spoke with Paul Krato from Blue Dog Cafe, asking him what it's like to work there and what his death row meal would be, among other questions.

Listen below to the show: