Some people might consider this case one of cruel and unusual punishment but I think it's creative parenting.

In Salt Lake City, Utah a woman identified only as Ally told KSTU-TV that her boyfriend's daughter was caught bullying another girl about her clothes.  Even though she is not the child's biological mother she says she has a mother-daughter relationship with the girl named Kaylee and decided to act.  Ally went down to a local thrift shop and bought the girl an outfit she was sure to hate.  Kaylee was made to wear the outfit to school two days in a row and had to bear the humiliation of hearing classmates talk about her clothes behind her back.

Ally says her plan worked and Kaylee has learned her lesson and won't be bullying anymore.

I certainly hope Kaylee has learned from this 'tough love' experience and grows up to be caring, responsible adult.  It's refreshing to see a parent, even if not a biological, take responsibility to teach some humility to a child.

Some call it cruel and unusual punishment but I call it Creative Parenting 101.

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