A survey conducted by OnePoll for Nectar Sleep revealed just how sleep-deprived parents are in this country. According to the study, if you have children, parenting tasks take up a full 33 hours of your time a week. Some of the statistics are startling.

Parents, have you ever wondered how you do it? Getting the kids ready for school, taking them to school, getting them home from school, school activities, sports, homework, making sure they are fed, bath time, etc., it's exhausting just thinking about it.

And on top of that, 73% of parents have a job. The study found that most parents spend at least 36 hours at work, in addition to the 33 hours spent on the kids.

Of the 2000 participants, the average parent only gets about 55 minutes of time to themselves per week. The research concluded that a whopping 10% of parents in America go a month or longer without any time for themselves.

Maybe that's why exhausted parents have done some strange things brought on by sleep deprivation and exhaustion.

Top 10 Strange Things Parents Have Done Due to Exhaustion

  • Tried washing clothes in the bathroom toilet.
  • Accidently poured baby formula into their coffee.
  • Texted their boss something meant for their husband or significant other.
  • Jumped in the shower and turned on the water fully clothed.
  • Tried to make a phone call with the television remote control.
  • Left the house totally or partially naked.
  • Stood in front of the refrigerator looking for shoes.
  • Waited for a stop sign to turn green.
  • Drove to work with the kids.
  • Started cooking dinner in the morning (instead of breakfast).

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