A woman in Ville Platte, Louisiana thinks that she may have caught a ghost running past her house.

in a viral video posted on social media by Megan Thomas, you see something go across the frame in the upper left-hand corner, but is this a ghost?

Her question is, why don't we see the figure in the entire frame, and why does it suddenly appear towards the end? She suggests that something may "have come out of the ground."

Some under her post suggest that there could be a glitch in her camera system, thus that is why her camera may have only caught a portion of a person going past her house.

A nearby neighbor went to her camera system and said that this was likely a person on a bike, as one appeared on her cameras.

So, what is this? Take a look at the video below and play detective. We'd love to know what you think Megan caught going past her house at night.


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