Louisiana treats drinking like an extracurricular activity, and we are all very competitive, to say the least. We literally have entire holidays where we drink for days straight. I'm honestly surprised someone from Louisiana has not attempted this new TikTok trend that involves taking a shot of a particular liquor without reacting.

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Yesterday, the number one trending topic on Twitter or X was 'Everclear,' so out of curiosity, I clicked to find out why.

Apparently, Gen Z is being held responsible for making this liquid poison a trending topic out of nowhere.

Originally, TikTok user Michelle Raleigh, a bartender who makes content on the app, posted a video of her taking a 'shot' of Everclear without making a face. I loosely use the word 'shot' here because this brave soul gulped down more than an ounce. People in the comments were a combination of concerned and impressed.

One user said "that was a cup. That was a cup of Everclear that you gulped down. A Full cup".  Another said "You are fighting so hard not to throw up. I felt that."

Everclear is 190 proof, meaning it contains 95% alcohol. It is considered the world's most potent drink. It is not recommended to be consumed on its own, however that isn't stopping people from attempting this TikTok trend.

You have to give it to her, though, minus the look of fear in her eyes and the constant swallowing she held up fairly well, considering she practically just drank a cup of nail polish remover for fun.

Surprisingly, this isn't the video with the internet in shambles.

The TikTok that has millennials reacting left and right is one where a guy says he's never had Everclear before and heard people are taking shots of it without making a face. He is actually in good spirits leading up to the actual shot taking, which tells me he has no idea what he is getting himself into.

There are hundreds of videos where people stitch his reaction, including one where a man who appears to be in some branch of the military shakes his head and says he would have been better off going to Circle K and taking a swig of gasoline. He goes on to say that in the military, they use Everclear to disinfect wounds because that's all it's actually good for.

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