His is a name well known with college football fans and the politically inclined.  J.C. Watts was a quarterback with the Oklahoma Sooners and spent some time professionally in the Canadian Football League.  He then went on to be a Congressman from Oklahoma.

He chatted with KPEL's Bernadette Lee and Jeremy Lawrence and covered a wide range of issues, including where he sees the election going.  He said, "Both parties are invested in the failure of the other.  The American people have to step us and sort these things out.  It's a pretty serious election that we face in November.  I've endorsed Newt Gingrich simply because he had the will to say that we are not going to spend more money than we take in."

On the economy, Watts talked about gas prices and energy exploration as the key and said, "We have an administration that has been very hostile to the exploration of oil and gas.  You have to have the right economic principles in place and the right economic policies in place to take pressure off the unemployment numbers and debt problems.  It's a matter of supply and demand."

As to the problems that the New Orleans Saints are having, Watts said, "I do agree with the punishment, but I can't bring myself to believe that they [Sean Payton and Gregg Williams] were those kind of people.  I think they probably got carried away with it."

Hear his entire conversation below:

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