Plenty of drivers, whether they live in Scott or not, use JB Road to get where they are going.

Pat Logan, Comprehensive Plan Facilitator for the City Of Scott, announced in a press release that they have opened JB Road once again.

Now, if you travel in that area, then you know there is still plenty of construction to complicate the drive.

Logan is hoping people will remember this and take it easy in this area. You'll still be driving in a construction zone, so please drive with caution.

For those who don't know, JB Road was closed while they were doing the extension work for Apollo Road.

The city of Scott has seen much expansion in the last several years.

In other traffic news from the city, there is another opening to announce as the bridge on Fenetre Road is back open.

The city of Scott did not close the bridge, but it was closed by officials with Lafayette Consolidated Government as they were working on continued construction of Coulee Ile Des Cannes.

The one caveat about the bridge being open is that they still need to install guard rails for the bridge.

You can expect that when the installations are happening, lanes closures will happen.

Buckle up Acadiana and remind to drive like your life depends on it.


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