After an altercation erupted inside of the Lakeside Mall in Metairie, many thought an active shooter situation was on-going as panic ensued in the mall and online. Confirmation from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office now shows that no shots were fired and combatants in the altercation have been arrested.

You can see the Twitter post from @JeffParishSO below

Word spread quickly as the incident unfolded. Some on Twitter were concerned for the well being of their loved ones and also wanted to make sure others avoided the mall as uncertainty around the situation continued.

Check out Twitter posts below from @Saarr_Bearr

Another Twitter user @momof4boysss posted that people inside of the mall were hiding due to the situation

What a scary situation for everyone at the Lakeside Mall today. When something like this happens and no one is sure of what's going on, it can be very scary for all of those involved.

It is good to see how quickly how warning was spread about the internet of the potentially very bad situation. I know that if I had a loved one inside of the mall at that time, I would be extremely concerned as well.

Thankfully, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office now has the situation under control and the Lakeside Mall is safe to shop at.

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