A well-respected Louisiana detective who was shot five years ago while serving a warrant in New Orleans has died.

According to a post on Facebook by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, Detective Stephen Arnold was a 12-year veteran of JPSO who served as a Second District deputy and Narcotics detective. At the time of his injury, he was serving as a Detective assigned to the DEA Task Force.

Detective Arnold was injured on January 26, 2016, as he and members of his task force served a warrant in the 3500 block of Douglas Street in New Orleans. As Detective Arnold and his team entered the residence, a suspect inside began firing at them. Detective Arnold was shot multiple times and rushed to the hospital. He has been under intense medical care since that day.

The suspect was arrested and eventually pleaded guilty to several charges related to the initial investigation and his shooting of Detective Arnold. He is currently serving a 35-year sentence in a federal facility.

During his tenure with JPSO, Detective Arnold was well-known and highly regarded amongst his peers. He received several commendations for his service including two Distinguished Service Awards and an Award For Valor.

He was awarded a Purple Heart at the time of his injury and will be posthumously awarded the JPSO Medal of Honor.

Funeral arrangements are currently being made and will be announced soon.

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