On occasion, Jeopardy! contestants will miss on a clue that the average Joe would know in an instant. That circumstance happened on Tuesday's episode, and it came at the expense of guest host Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers read a clue to which the correct response was, "Who are the Green Bay Packers?" None of the three contestants hit their signaling device, and the judges sounded the triple-stumper buzzer. Rodgers's response was classic.

It's not the first time a contestant has left Rodgers speechless. In Rodgers's first show as guest host, a contestant used "Final Jeopardy!" as an opportunity to ask a question many Packers fans have had since January.

Rodgers is in his second week of his two-week stint as the guest host of Jeopardy! Rodgers, a longtime fan of the venerable game show, is the fifth of 10 guest emcees scheduled to host the show through the end of the current season. In addition to being a fan of the show, Rodgers is a former Jeopardy! champion himself.

Of course, Rodgers is filling in following the November death of Alex Trebek. Even during Trebek's time has host, some of the contestants who graced the quiz show's stage had no knowledge of pro football or sports in general.

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