A touching tribute to the late host of "Jeopardy!", Alex Trebek, was aired on tonight's episode of the television show. Executive Producer, Mike Richards, delivered the message and also noted that the last 35 episodes of Trebek's life will air as they were shot per the hosts wishes.

You can see the moment for yourself below @Jeopardy

An American icon, Alex Trebek battled pancreatic cancer for quite some time. All the while, he dedicated his life to the show "Jeopardy" and to entertaining millions of fans.

Richards let everyone know just how much Trebek meant to everyone has ever seen it. He also noted that while even nearing his final days, Trebek filmed his final episodes less than two weeks ago.

The passing of Mr. Trebek has affected so many, as he was a familiar face and voice for so many families across the country for such a long time.

I hope everyone gets a chance to tune in to some of Alex Trebek's final episodes, as we celebrate his life and mourn his loss.

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