In his first public interview since the 2012 presidential election, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has come out with some harsh words regarding the GOP.

The Republican Governor urged his conservative constituents to "stop being the stupid party".

Citing recent results in national elections, Jindal addressed some of what he believes to be the Grand Old Party's most urgent shortcomings in a recent interview with Politico,

We’ve got to make sure that we are not the party of big business, big banks, big Wall Street bailouts, big corporate loopholes, big anything. We cannot be, we must not be, the party that simply protects the rich so they get to keep their toys.

Jindal went on to criticize what he termed "dumbed down conservatism", calling on Republicans to reconsider their current messaging.

Simply being the anti-Obama party didn’t work. You can’t beat something with nothing. The reality is we have to be a party of solutions and not just bumper-sticker slogans but real detailed policy solutions.

The Governor was not entirely negative with his comments, offering some advice that he believes would allow more people to support the party that seems to have been recently surpassed by it's more liberal competitor.

(the Republican party should be) the party of ideas, details and intelligent solutions, stop reducing everything to mindless slogans, tag lines, 30-second ads that all begin to sound the same.

Whether you agree with the Governor's comments or not, considering the outcomes of recent national elections it appears undeniable that the GOP needs to do some soul searching if it plans on gaining ground on the Democrats before the 2016 presidential election.

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