Lafayette City Marshal candidate Kip Judice is questioning the endorsement of Brian Pope by longtime city marshal Earl "Nickey" Picard.

Judice said one of the main things he and Pope heard from residents walking door-to-door in their respective campaigns was the desire for change in the marshal's office. Judice found the endorsement peculiar since Picard chose Pope because "things would remain the same."

"I think (the office) is in pretty good shape," Picard said after he announced his endorsement. "I want it to stay that way."

But not long before putting his support behind Pope, Picard had said he would not vote in the race at all. Regardless, Judice said he felt "really good about this last week" of campaigning, and the Picard endorsement "changes nothing."

"I'm just going to continue to move forward," Judice said. "I'm doing this for the people of Lafayette."

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