Kip Judice, former captain for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office and current candidate for the city marshal's office, said he wants to bring fiscal responsibility, more diversity, and compassion to the law enforcement agency.

Judice said the office is currently going after criminals in far-flung corners of the country that bring little in the way of fines.

"We don't necessarily need to spend $3,000 to pay for an extradition, bring a guy back here to recover a $500 fine maximum on an OWI case," Judice said. "What we need to do is say okay, let's look at the case, how strong of a case we have, and number two--is this guy a frequent visitor to Louisiana? Is he going to make it easier for us?"

Judice said he had an increasing number of responsibilities while he was employed with the sheriff's office, including several positions where he had to work with public money.

Judice has also worked on several high-profile investigations, including being lead supervisor on the Derrick Todd Lee case, as well as incident commander at the Cajundome  in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

"I've managed cases. I've managed tragedies," Judice said. "I bring a vast knowledge, a vast set of experiences with me to the marshal's office in January to hit the ground running."

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