The city of Lafayette will no longer front the money for the city of Milton's water. This development came as the result of the city of Milton wanting to increase water capacity by 50-perecent. Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel joined ‘Nathan and Bernie in the Morning‘ for his weekly ‘Lafayette Live‘ segment to discuss the Milton water development.

"In the past LUS has basically fronted that money," said Durel. "We no longer feel like that’s an appropriate thing for Lafayette Consolidated Government to do."

The city of Milton is currently and will continue to get their water from LUS. However, LUS will no longer pay for anything on the Milton side of the connection.

"Those systems will now be asked to do what they should be doing anyway, and it will save them a lot of money," said Durel.

This development comes after a request from the city of Milton to increase water capacity by 50-percent. After researching the request, LUS found that it would be cheaper for both parties if LUS stepped aside and let the city of Milton handle the costs, according to Durel.

In Milton’s case, the projection is that it will take X number of dollars for an upgrade to the system to make sure we can maintain volumes and pressures and everything else. The calculation was that 75-percent of the cost and need would fall on Milton. The other need may fall partially on Youngsville, but that will come in the future. - Joey Durel

The change in procedure has already been met with criticism from the city of Broussard, who claim that the move is in violation of a contract currently in place. Durel maintains LUS have not breached any contracts.

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