For as long as I can remember, I have loved Halloween; both the season and the night itself. I can't explain it, but around late August, I notice that the shadows are beginning to lengthen just a bit, the wind seems to pick up, and I become "aware" that the season is near.

I am such a huge Halloween fan that I host an annual Halloween party each year and go to great lengths to develop my costume or make-up. My two favorite horror creatures are the dark denizen of the night, the bloodsucker, and the relentless machine of flesh-consuming horror that is the zombie.

A few years back, I began to experiment with my zombie makeup and look, utilizing materials the FX pros use like liquid latex, gelatin, and different types of make-up. I enjoyed making my friends (and wife!) uneasy with my gory work, but hoped to find like-minded ghouls who wanted to take the scare to the public square.

Thankfully, we have just a such a group of folks, who put on the Lafayette Zombie Walk. This year's walk is scheduled for Saturday, October 26th. The walk begins at 4:30 PM at Parc Sans Souci and staggers through the streets of Downtown, returning to Parc Sans Souci for food, music, and other related fun. More details will be released as the event draws nearer, and all information can be found on the Lafayette Zombie Walk's Facebook page.

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