Following the Republican sweep of federal runoff elections on Saturday, the GOP of Louisiana says this is proof that Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards’ election was a fluke.

Executive Director of the Republican Party of Louisiana Jason Dore says Foster Campbell didn’t lose the US Senate race because he’s a Democrat, he lost because of ties to the governor.

“John Bel Edwards’ endorsements were toxic to the candidates that he endorsed.”

Dore says the governor loaned Campbell his entire campaign team for the failed effort. He adds that last year’s gubernatorial race had more to do with scandal than platforms.

“It wasn’t an affirmation of liberal Democrat policies as much as it was a referendum on the particular candidates in the race.”

Dore says voters made it clear Saturday that they reject Democratic policies, as evidenced by Edwards going 0 for 4 on his endorsements in the runoffs. He says Edwards’ days in the Governor’s Mansion are numbered, and he fully expects the Governor to be voted out of office in the next race.

“This is a deep red state. It was a perfect storm that got him elected, and the results of that are going to be him being unelected in 2019.”

Louisiana Democrats did get a win in Baton Rouge with the election of Sharon Weston Broome as Mayor/President.



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