A Scott woman is fighting to keep her home out of a tax sale after a property company put a lien on the wrong property.

15th Judicial District Judge Thomas Duplantier granted a temporary restraining order preventing the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office from selling Theresa Guillot’s home at a tax sale.

Guillot’s suit claims that P&G Real Estate Acquisitions tried to take her home despite knowing that they put a lien on the wrong property. That lien, according to Guillot's attorney, should have been placed on another property she owns in Carencro. The attorney, Lance Beal, also says Guillot paid off the lien, resulting in P&G getting their money back

During a hearing Tuesday, Judge Duplantier agreed that the P&G made an error. According to Duplantier, the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office called him to ask that he stop the sale of Guillot's home. Duplantier also said the Lafayette Parish Assessor's Office told him the house should not have been seized.

Duplantier continued by saying he would not allow some witnesses to testify at trial because their testimony could lead to malpractice claims against them.

However, Duplantier had questions about the timeliness of some of the filings made by Guillot. The attorney for P&G also claimed he did not receive a copy of the temporary restraining order. Beal denied this, saying he filed all documents to the court and to the defense on time.

Guillot has 10 days to provide proof of homeowner's insurance.

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