“This is not about cyclists and pedestrians. It’s more about safety for everyone who uses Johnston Street. It’s specifically targeted towards motorists.”

Just like that, Lafayette City-Parish District 6 Councilman Bruce Conque looked to clarify any misunderstandings about the project coming to Johnston Street, which was unanimously approved in a “memorandum of understanding” by the LCG Council on Tuesday night.

Conque pointed out that the project, which would begin from Holden Avenue to Cajundome Boulevard (or “coulee to coulee” as Conque referred to it) would call for the 5 lanes to be reduced to 4 lanes with a raised median, BUT there will be controlled left turns built in.

Conque pointed out that Johnston Street, according to studies, has been deemed the most dangerous thoroughfare in all of Louisiana, especially when trying to make a left turn. He cited Camellia Boulevard as an example of how controlled left turns help traffic to flow better, which is what they are seeking for Johnston Street.

Conque was asked if, once the project was completed and didn’t work, could Johnston Street be changed back. He replied, “No,” and cited the $20 million worth of construction it’ll take to complete the project.

“It’s been proven and it will work.”

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