On this edition of "Lafayette Live" on "Acadiana's Morning News," Lafayette City-Parish Council Vice-Chair Kenneth Boudreaux joins Bernadette Lee and Rob Kirkpatrick to discuss Tuesday night's vote "to restore flexibility in the calling of revenue-raising or tax elections..."

In a 5-4 vote, the Council overturned their 2016 resolution "which declared it to be the policy of the Lafayette City-Parish Council to call revenue raising or tax elections only in the month March and/or on the same date as a General Election of any given year."

Councilman Boudreaux put forth the 2017 Resolution, which now allows for tax elections to be held outside of the above time frames. Chances are we could see taxes on the ballot in the October and/or November 2017 elections.

LISTEN BELOW as Councilman Boudreaux explains why they decided to repeal last year's resolution.

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