Let me start off by saying congratulations to Legends of Lafayette for opening their newest location in Scott, La.

The building is gorgeous and if you're a sports fan you will love the atmosphere inside and out when it comes to watching your favorite team.

Now, allow me to get to one particular item you'll see upon entering the venue. There is a sign in the Legends location in Scott that breaks down just how close you are to some of the best entertainment you'll find anywhere in the state.

The sign notes that you're only half-a-mile from the Boudin Festival, five miles from Festival International in Lafayette, but you're also 138 miles from Jazz Fest in New Orleans.

Hence, you don't have to go very far from Scott to get quality entertainment. The sign is a reminder to stay close to home.

I am told that the Mayor of Scott, Jan Scott, snapped the photo below as a way of welcoming the new business into the town.

As always, we encourage to shop local during these difficult times and support as many local businesses that you can.


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