For the many faithful Catholics and other Christians in Louisiana, the start of the Lenten season means giving up something.

And while that is what happens, Catholics are also called to do more for their fellow man during the Lenton season according to the Diocese of Lafayette.

In their Lenten message, the Diocese reminds the faithful that Lent is a time of fasting, not only from things we may enjoy but fast against sin.

They remind us that Lent is a time for prayerful contemplation of our baptism and what it means to be washed in the blood of Christ.

The diocese says fasting on certain days, reading scripture and giving to the less fortunate are all ways that we grow closer to the Lord.

They advise reading Scripture on a daily basis and kicking off the Lenten season by watching the following video

They also are asking the faithful to remember the Catholic Relief Services rice bowl donation drive where you can collect money for the needy.

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