Phase (insert number here) is quite the double-edged sword.

On one hand, many people agree that it's crucial for the economy to open back up ASAP; but on the other hand, many others feel like we may be going too hard too soon.

Personally, I noticed bigger crowds and gatherings all over town this weekend—and while I was initially shocked at first, I think it was less "these people are crazy" and more "oh, I just haven't seen people together in a very long time."

Here in Lafayette, we're in Phase 1; which means most businesses are allowed to operate at a capacity of at least 25% or more. For most businesses, that means business as usual but many have implemented their own guidelines when it comes to masks, social distancing, and other preventive measures related to COVID-19.

That still hasn't stopped people from judging from the comfort of their own homes and smartphones. Earlier today, a video from John Weatherall showing a line formed around the Ross in northside Lafayette quickly went viral.

ross dress for less lafayette

Ross locations reopened today after being shut down during the pandemic with prices up to 90% off. A friend who visited the Houma location said she waited in line for 45 minutes but the staff offered water and advised there was no access to restrooms or fitting rooms but returns would be honored.

17 items was 120! Picked up a pair of Nike’s for my fiancé for 13$!!

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

While many were excited about the big sale, commenters ripped on the Ross customers, suggesting their actions were irresponsible and unnecessary.

And how many will be going to urgent care, the ED, or die because they had to Have it. At that rate they WILL have "it". Don't get upset when others judge, your ignorance, or become defensive at reading or looking at the craziness of it all!!!!

I'm not sure how real this photo is, but allegedly this is the aftermath of the sale.

Facebook, Kisharra Angelety

Facebook, Kisharra Angelety[/caption]My approach to phases and post-COVID life remains the same: just control the things I can control and be as respectful and understanding as I can with others.

For what it's worth, people at retail stores, restaurants, and bars in the Lafayette area still can't hold a candle to the gatherings seen in other places; like this viral video from Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks over Memorial Day weekend.

People immediately made the comparison to the television show "Ozark."

As we move into different phases, I don't expect these polarized reactions to change, so I'm just going to buckle up and do my best to be mindful of everyone around me. Be safe and let me know what you make of all of this.

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