Take it easy out there this weekend.

As with any long three-day weekend, there are a lot of cars out on the road this Memorial Day weekend. People are traveling as they are looking to get out of town. And let's just say that they are impatient. Mix in a little libation with that lead foot and you've got a disaster waiting to happen.

First off, arrange for proper transportation is you're going to be drinking. Second, take it easy. Slow down and be aware of your surroundings. And for goodness sake, get off of your phone.

Louisiana is a dangerous place to drive on Memorial Day Weekend. In fact, according to A Secure Life, we are in the Top 10 Most Dangerous States for Memorial Day Travel. We rank at number nine on their list. We have 0.88 crashes per 100,000 people.

Of course you could blame it on the tourists coming through our state. Personally, I'd prefer to blame it on the potholes. It's impossible to drive well while you're dodging obstacles like Mario Kart.

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