Because of the coronavirus pandemic over the Memorial Day weekend many Louisiana families had a decision to make. Would they spend the three day holiday weekend close to home where many of them have been sequestered for the past two months or would they branch out and maybe visit a local beach.

The answer appears to be that more than a few of our state's residents felt comfortable enough in their own skin to bare some skin at places like Rutherford and Holly Beach. Many beach go-ers reported large crowds at those local beaches over the weekend. However, the crowds remained manageable.

Many of those who opted for fun in the sun simply modified their plans and made a special attempt to remain socially spaced from others who had opted for the same kind of fun. Similar reports were noted from up and down Louisiana's coast. Although many reports suggest that beaches at Grand Isle were quite busy over the holiday weekend.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Mouth of the Mississippi where the water turns blue and emerald green beaches in Gulf Shores were reported to be packed. The same can be said for locales further down the beach in Florida. But despite the large crowds a similar sentiment was echoed by those in Alabama as shared by those in Louisiana.

That sentiment was to simply come to the beach for a good time and try to maintain social spacing from others while limiting personal contact. Officials in Gulf Shores Alabama say that nearly 700,000 people have visited the state's beaches since they were reopened over the first 20 days in May.

Alabama officials say no one was ticketed for beach violations of the state's health order requiring strict social distancing of six feet or more between individuals who are not connected to a specific household or group.


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