LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - The November 18 election cycle has finally come to an end in Louisiana. Below is a list of the two Board of Elementary and Secondary Education results.

There are two BESE runoffs in the state this go-round. Lafayette Parish is part of District 7, a district that has been going through a bitter run-off as both sides have gone deeply negative. The two contestants in that race are Kevin Berken and Erick Knezek.

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Credit: BESE Website
Credit: BESE Website

Below are the results for the two BESE seats.

BESE -- District 7

Early & Absentee Reporting - 8 of 8 parishes
Election Day Reporting - 400 of 414 precincts Votes

Kevin M. Berken (REP): 53% (49,213)
Erick Knezek (REP): 47% (43,760)

BESE -- District 4

Early & Absentee Reporting - 11 of 11 parishes
Election Day Reporting - 587 of 603 precincts Votes

Stacey Melerine (REP): 63% (54,918)
Emma Shepard (DEM): 37% (33,798)

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