Christmas tree farms are generally seeing a fair crop this year. And it is looking much better than the last couple of years. That’s according to Gray Anderson of Grant Farms in Grant, Louisiana, who says the weather has had an effect on the crop in previous years.
"We've had extended periods of extreme warmth, followed by extreme dry that really made the last two years really hard."
Anderson says his farm sells between 2,500 and 3,000 trees each year. Each tree goes through a five-year cycle from being planted to being harvested.
"We keep it in a nursery for two years, and we move it to the field, it will stay in the field for three years and then we'll start cutting those trees when they are five years old," said Anderson.
Anderson says there are benefits to having a Christmas tree at a tree farm as opposed to having a fake tree in your living room.
"Our trees are 100% natural and they are biodegradable and they are made in America, you support a local farmer when you are buying a Christmas tree," said Anderson

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