When it comes to economics, job opportunities, and education, all Louisiana cities are not created equal. While many cities and Parishes across the State are thriving, others aren't doing so well according to a recent report.

These are the Louisiana cities with highest poverty rates, and you might be surprised at some of the places on this list.

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Louisiana Cities With the Highest Poverty Rates

What causes certain cities and Parishes to have higher poverty rates than others?

Disparities in income and wealth distribution can lead to high poverty rates. If a significant portion of a population has limited access to economic opportunities and resources, poverty is likely to be more widespread.

Lack of job opportunities or access to stable employment can contribute to poverty.

Education also plays a significant role in poverty rates.

Without adequate education and skills, people may struggle to find decent paying jobs.

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Other factors contributing to high poverty rates also include things like incarceration rates, drug addiction, crime, and lack of affordable housing.

Wagswoof.com has taken a look at the data and compiled a list of the 10 cities in Louisiana with the highest poverty rates.

From wagswoof.com -

"Poverty is a complex issue with no easy solutions. However, there are a number of things that can be done to address poverty in Louisiana.

By working together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who are struggling."

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Currently, the national poverty rate in the United States is 11.6%, which makes the poverty rates in Louisiana you're about to see all the more shocking.

The 10 Louisiana Cities With The Highest Poverty Rates

According to wagswoof.com, here are Louisiana cities with the highest poverty rates.

10. New Orleans - 19.9%

9. Baton Rouge - 27.5%

8. Shreveport - 32.6%

7. Lake Charles - 33.7%

6. Lafayette - 34.8%

5. Monroe - 35.9%

4. Alexandria - 36.1%

3. Bossier City - 37.2%

2. Houma - 38.3%

1. Kenner - 39.4%

Downtown Lafayette, Wikipedia Commons
Downtown Lafayette, Wikipedia Commons

Would you have ever guessed Lafayette has a higher poverty rate than New Orleans?

Read more at wagswoof.com.

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