The guy's name is Jimmy Briggs, and he's a vlogger on YouTube. He has a YouTube Channel called, "World According to Briggs". He has close to one million followers. He posts a new video each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He gives his opinion on us.

I had never heard of him before, but his video about Louisiana was sent to me by someone I know. I was a newsperson for 30 years. Facts are facts. Facts are just as important to me today as they have been for the past three decades.

I understand facts are facts, but I want to know how Briggs came about his facts. What was his methodology? The problems he mentions are issues we have dealt with for decades, but some of his conclusions are stupid.

Briggs contends that without New Orleans, what have we got? You know for someone who was in the Army, I would have thought you would have been smarter. In my opinion, you did us dirty.

His bashing of Louisiana in some parts of his video was equivalent to low blows. Jimmy, I challenge you to return my message via Facebook which includes my personal phone number. I am hoping you will send me your number so I can correct your ignorance. I will help you get an interview with anyone in the state, because I also want the chance to tell you, "Well bless your heart"!

I will agree with Mr. Briggs that in America we can pretty much say whatever we want, but it doesn't mean we always should. We live here, we know what's wrong here. And because we live here, we also know what's great about our state. Another person in "media" grinding out another story about how much we suck, doesn't help.

Mr. Briggs, let me tell you about just one thing that is great about Louisiana. The people. Let's step back in time to the creation of the Cajun Navy (there are now many versions). When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans (and surrounding parishes) in August 2005, people were dying.

The people of this area and others knew what they had to do. The men got their boats, got in their trucks, and went to save thousands of people's lives; people they didn't know, but they knew these people were fellow human beings. You don't know us at all Mr. Briggs.

Do you know what is revolutionary? Writing a story about all the problems we have, acknowledging them but then actually researching the positives in Louisiana and sharing that part of the story too. Oh but wait, people might not listen to you.

"Perception is reality" is what you said in your video. I completely agree, but we have enough people already talking about the many problems we do have, why don't you try telling the good information SO WE CAN HELP CHANGE THE PERSPECTIVE? You're going to have to do your research first though.

Here's the video if you want to listen. Thanks for nothing nice, Briggs!

You're going to benefit from so many people looking at this video which stinks, but our people need to know what some people will do to make a living.

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