The Louisiana Jeepers, a local non-profit, is hosting its "Topless Tuesday" tonight.

If you own any Jeep-branded vehicle, you are invited to join the Louisiana Jeepers for a night of food, fun, and conversation - with no obligation to join the club.

Pizza Artista Broussard via Facebook
Pizza Artista Broussard via Facebook

The Louisiana Jeepers is a family-oriented Jeep club with a mission of giving back to the community while having fun.

Tonight's "Topless Tuesday" will take place at Pizza Artista on Johnston Street, beginning at 6pm. Whether you are a hard-core off-road Jeeper or a Mall-Crawling-don't-get-mud-on-my-Jeep Jeeper, bring the family to meet other Jeepers and find out what Louisiana Jeepers is all about!

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