Believe it or not, the holiday that really ends up racking up crash that kill or maim is not New Year's Eve or Christmas, but Halloween.

Lisa Freeman, who heads of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, says that distracted driving, people driving while impaired and pedestrian deaths make Halloween deadly in Louisiana.

The statistics from 2005 forward show that Halloween is always the first or second deadly holiday when it comes to our roadways.

Freeman says,

"When you look at the number of fatal and injury crashes, Halloween and Mardi Gras are the two holidays that consistently are at the top of the list. Last year in Louisiana, 878 people were injured, and 10 people were killed in vehicle crashes during the Halloween period. And those actually are the lowest Halloween numbers in five years in Louisiana."

According to the statistics that the commission compiled, three people were killed and another sixty-one people were injured in 2017 after they were part of crash were drunk driving had occurred.



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