Last week the state of Louisiana sent out checks totalling over $4.8 million dollars. Those checks were sent to current or former residents of the state who had some money coming back to them but for some reason had no idea the money was owed.

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State Treasurer John Schroder made the announcement last Thursday that his office had placed 27,125 unclaimed property checks in the mail. The total funds associated with those checks are believed to be in excess of $4.8 million dollars. 

You might be wondering " how do people manage to not remember having some $4.8 million dollars". Well, it's not just one person and in most cases, the amounts on those checks is rather small. Most of the "unclaimed" cash come from utility deposits or perhaps money was left in an old bank account. Regardless, the state is charged with overseeing that unclaimed funds are returned to their rightful owner.

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The current batch of checks was issued after the State Department of Revenue provided the unclaimed property department with the current addresses of those to who the money is owed. Armed with the new data the Treasurer's office sent out the newly issued checks last week.

Should you happen to get one of those checks it will come in an official State of Louisiana envelope and will be stamped with the purple, green, and gold seal of the Louisiana Department of the Treasury. So, if you get one of those checks, endorse it and take it to your bank.

Just because you don't receive a check doesn't mean the state doesn't owe you money too. Even if you've checked out this site before, it's always a good idea to check it from time to time to see if new funds have been found that are owed to you. The site you'll want to visit is here is a link.

Use the site to enter information about yourself of your family to see if there are any outstanding financial windfalls awaiting you. And when you get that free found money you might want to use some of it on a little summertime fun. Like this.

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