DALLAS (AP) — Texas and Louisiana are suing the federal government, alleging immigration officials have declined to take custody of people who’ve been convicted of crimes and are subject to deportation.

The states sued in a federal court in Houston on Tuesday. They contend President Joe Biden’s policy changes allow immigrants convicted of crimes to be released rather than held for deportation at the end of their sentences. The lawsuit comes after Texas officials said Immigration and Customs Enforcement had been prepared to release three men convicted of sex offenses, in an apparent misapplication of Biden’s enforcement directives.

ICE declined to comment.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry released this statement via press release:

The President's refusal to enforce the law only worsens an already dire border crisis. Law and order must prevail; dangerous and violent criminal aliens must not be allowed to roam free in our communities.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is not removing individuals subject to mandatory deportation, causing these individuals to be released. Louisiana, more than any other State, has greater risk due to the large number of local jails that are used to house detainees prior to removal. The lawsuit, also joined by Texas, states the actions of the President 'violate the Immigration and Nationality Act, the Administrative Procedure Act ("APA"), and binding agreements DHS negotiated with the State of Texas and the State of Louisiana.'

This Administration continues to use discretion in non-discretionary duties. I will not stand for it."

(Story written by JAKE BLEIBERG/AP)

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