Governor Edwards says the state is putting an additional $7 million into prisoner rehabilitation and education programs. Edwards says the funding comes from the savings the state has seen since reforming its criminal justice system last year and the dollars should have an impact.

"Really sure up the and improve the reentry services that we provide to give those prisoners a better chance at being successful upon reentry," says Edwards.

Edwards says the state saved $12 million by reducing its prison population and 70% of the savings must be reinvested in the criminal justice system. He says about $8.4 million will help fund re-entry programs in Caddo, East Baton Rouge, Orleans, St. Tammany and Jefferson parishes.

"We're focusing on the five parishes that are responsible for almost fifty percent of our inmates, cause that is where we can have the most impact and I think if we spread the money too thinly, we wouldn't have the impact that we would want to have," says Edwards.

Orleans Parish will receive the most money at $2 million, followed by East Baton Rouge at $1.6 million and Caddo is getting $912,000.

"Sherriff Prator has been providing a reentry program up there for a long time.  That's critically important," says Edwards.

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