LSU has announced details for its plan to disperse student football tickets for this season.

First, according to Phase 3 guidelines in Louisiana, the stadium can only be at 25% capacity. With Tiger Stadium's capacity at just over 102,000, that comes out to just over 25,000 fans that can be in the stands.

Season ticket holders that have opted to keep their tickets for this season will be allotted a pair each. The rest of the tickets will be reserved for students.

Student ticket sales will be split up based on seniority, according to LSU Tiger TV. So seniors will get the largest share of remaining seats and the percentage dwindles down from there.

Ticket access will be divided up as follows:

  • 40% for seniors
  • 20% for juniors
  • 15% for sophomores
  • 15% for freshmen and transfers without priority points
  • 10% for graduate and professional students

Ticket prices will range from $12 to $15 with the exception being the Alabama game. Those tickets will be around $30.

The deadline for requesting tickets is Thursday, September 17.

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