Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne discussed state budget cuts and how they affect tourism and the French language in Louisiana.  We asked Dardenne specifically about the $2 million cut to his office's budget.

Dardenne replied,

"It was a very disappointing cut.  I knew nothing about it until it happened.  Actually we sustained a real dramatic in our tourism budget. The only money we get for tourism in Louisiana is a dedication of three one-hundredths of a cent of sales taxes and with the cuts that were put on our budget this year that knocked off about 40 plus percent of our tourism budget right off the bat.  We took a major hit to our budget and it's hard to understand."

In regards to the $100,000 cut from the CODOFIL budget Dardenne said,

"It was another hard to understand and hard to explain cut. It was a very targeted effort to unfortunately punish a program that has been rejuvenated.

Listen to the interview: