It was a week and a half ago (October 10) that Matthew Mire was arrested after he allegedly went on a multi-parish shooting spree that left a State Police trooper and Mire's half-sister dead, and caused injuries to four others.


The funeral for Master Trooper Adam Gaubert, a 19-year veteran of the department, happened over the weekend. A beautiful tribute was made in his honor.



Mire, though, now sits in Angola State Penitentiary as he waits for his trial to begin.

Before the deadly events earlier in October, WBRZ reports Mire had a history of violence. He allegedly attacked his grandfather in 2017 at a home in Central they both lived in as Mire was accused of pushing and hitting him in the chest after the grandfather told him to clean up after himself. Mire was issued a misdemeanor.

photo courtesy of East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office


Louisiana Radio Network reports that Mire is not serving a sentence at Angola. He's just being housed there in lockdown separated from other inmates.

"It was an offender safety, or an accused safety issue, he’s a high-profile suspect whose been arrested for a crime spree that includes killing a state trooper,” said legal analyst Franz Borghardt to LRN. “His safety may be at question, and by safety, not just being harmed by others, him harming himself. I definitely think he will be a target when and if he’s convicted.”

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The move from Ascension Parish to Angola was at the request of Sheriff Bobby Webre.

Borghardt says this move is not unprecedented as defense attorneys want their clients to be in an area where "they’re not under constant threat, harm."

Mire faces two counts of first-degree murder, among other charges.

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