After a minor fender bender, an irate driver chased a woman down with his car and then ran over her three times in one of the most terrifying road rage incidents ever caught on video.

Man Runs Over Woman Three Times
YouTube Via NBC New York

(The photos and video in this story may be disturbing to some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.)

Man Runs Over Woman Three Times In Road Rage Incident

A neighbor's surveillance camera caught the entire tragic, horrifying incident on video as the suspect drives through people's lawns chasing the victim down.

What started as a simple fender bender as described by witnesses quickly escalated into something no one could have possibly imagined.

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"The man was backing up on Salem Avenue, a one-way street, to avoid traffic at a light during the Tuesday morning rush hour and crashed into a woman's car in the intersection. Apparently, this upset the man so much, he began following her in his car."

After the initial crash, the suspect began following the victim, who was on foot at this point, in his car.

As the victim was being stalked by the other driver she began taking pictures of his vehicle as she fleed for her safety.

That's when the already volatile situation escalated into an unimaginable case of road rage that quite frankly is one the most disturbing things we've ever seen.

Vincent Jean Road Rage
YouTube Via NBC New York

(The video included later in this story does not show any of the three impacts of the vehicle inflicted upon the victim.)

Video of the incident shows the driver, 56-year-old Vincent Jean of New Jersey, chasing the victim onto a front lawn, where she slips and falls down onto the grass right in front of his car.

elizabeth new jersey woman run over
YouTube Via NBC New York

The man whose security camera caught the harrowing ordeal on video tells News 4 New York that after Jean ran over the woman the first time, he drove his car over her two more times allegedly.

Witnesses say that after Jean hit the woman the first time a school bus pulled up to try and block him in. Unfortunately, Jean allegedly hit the woman two more times with his car before finding an exit and speeding away from the scene.

According to News 4 New York Vincent Jean has been charged with attempted murder.

Thankfully, the victim is reportedly now listed as being in fair condition.


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