Last night Col. Rob Maness joined Ken Romero and Dr. John Sutherlin on 'Geaux Acadiana' to discuss the Senatorial race and his endorsement of Dr. Bill Cassidy.

To start Col. Maness explained why our last conversation was a little rocky,

I was a little tired last time. We had just finished our blitz of the state and I guess I reverted to back where my roots are and that's offensive bombing missions and I appreciate you guys giving me the time every time I've been on.

Mark Pope was a guest host on 'Geaux Acadiana' and asked the Maness to summarize the campaign. Maness said,

I wouldn't describe it as grueling as a matter of fact I appreciate the question Mark because it gives me a chance to talk about my supporters and you know they inspired me. You know as a young man, a young American in uniform I was inspired by men like Ronald Reagan for their ability to bring Americans together regardless of their political party. And our message of prosperity and liberty and certainty is similar to the type of messaging that Mr. Reagan used. What's inspiring though is that people of all parties and all walks of life were really looking for something and somebody to for and not against.

In addition Maness said there was reason to be proud of his campaign,

In spite of our lack of funding resources we were still able to get over 200,000 votes.

To hear the entire conversation with Col. Maness click on the blue arrow below.

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