NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Tea party-backed Rob Maness (MAY-ness), the third-place finisher in Louisiana's U.S. Senate primary is endorsing Republican Bill Cassidy in the December runoff against Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu. So is Family Research Council president Tony Perkins.

Cassidy says Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul will join him, Maness and other Republicans including the governor at a GOP unity rally Monday in Baton Rouge.

Perkins backed Maness in the primary campaign, during which both criticized Cassidy.

Maness posted photos of himself and his wife at dinner with Cassidy and his wife on his Facebook page Friday. Maness' campaign sent copies to reporters Saturday.

Maness' press secretary, Jon Meadows, said Saturday that Maness says throughout his campaign that voters should back the leading Republican in case of a runoff.