is reporting that two city council members in Crowley got into a physical altercation at their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday night.

Vernon “Step” Martin and Lyle Fogleman reportedly traded insults during the meeting and both council members were escorted out of the meeting room, and that is when the brawl ensued.

Someone alerted others in the meeting about the fight in the foyer and that is when other council members rushed in to separate the two men.

According to AcadiaParishToday, the two men were arguing over a development issue within the city, and that is when accusations and threats were allegedly made during the meeting.

Photos show the two men being separated from one another and one council member is even seen hunched over.

The incident is reportedly being investigated by the city prosecutor and/or the district attorney after city police handed over the investigation to the respective offices.

We will continue to follow this developing story out of Crowley.

To see the photos of the altercation between the council members, click HERE. 


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