The promise of an extra day at home, I must admit, has lost a bit of its luster thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and Phase 1 and lockdown restrictions we've been under for the past eight weeks or so. Still, we do have a long holiday weekend staring right in the face, and for a lot of us that will mean some outside time.

Will Mother Nature cooperate and allow you to get catch some rays while you fire up the barbeque pit? The answer is a resounding yes and no. It's the classic holiday weekend good news/bad news scenario. Yes, you will be able to get outside. Yes, it will probably rain. Actually I am not sure which of those scenarios is the good news and which is bad.

South Louisiana has slowly crept into our summertime weather pattern as of late and it looks as if that pattern, with an increased threat of rain, will continue through the holiday weekend. Forecasters at KATC are suggesting rain chances will be about 50/50 for both Saturday and Sunday. Then the probability of precipitation elevates just a bit to 60% for Memorial Day Monday.

There is the potential that some of the storms forecast for early next week could bring a severe weather threat to the area early next week but that forecast will need to be fine-tuned for accuracy. In the near term you should plan the backyard barbeque, find your swimsuit and get your sunscreen, and don't forget to honor those who gave their lives so that you and I might enjoy the freedoms that are so precious to us.


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