According to a recent study conducted at the University of Michigan, men who wear a certain design of Ralph Lauren polo shirt are considered to be less trustworthy and more likely to be unfaithful. Wow, who knew fashion could be so messy?

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Men Who Wear Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts are Cheaters?

Now, before this story starts any arguments, let's be clear that the information in this study was concluded based on the participant's answers.

Secret surveillance wasn't set up recording what type of shirt men who cheat most frequently wear. reports that 376 university students were shown two different styes of polo shirts - one having with the traditional, small Ralph Lauren logo, and the other having with the oversized, exaggerated logo.

The students were asked to imagine what type of person would be most likely wear each of the shirts. They were asked to rank the wearer "on a scale of 1-100 for various factors, like how often he flirts or knowingly hitting on someone else’s partner."

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The findings?

Participants felt that men who wear the style of polo shirt with the giant exaggerated logo on the front put forth a "greater investment in mating effort", while men who wear the style of polo with the traditional, smaller logo exude "trustworthiness and reliability."

From -

"From Gossip Girl to Suits, characters like Harvey love to adorn themselves in the kind of flashy outfits that turn heads on the street. But if you thought it was all for show and to make use of that exorbitant budget, think again. Apparently men who wear such brands are more likely to cheat."

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The overall conclusion doesn't actually have anything to do with the Ralph Lauren brand. What it's saying is that men who wear flashy "Look at Me" designer clothing are considered less trustworthy.

It's important to note out the word considered. It certainly doesn't make it fact, but it is definitely interesting.

Obviously this is a case of perception vs reality here, but what do you think...did the participants in the study get it right?

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