A horrifying video is going viral out of Jackson, Mississippi. The footage shows a mother, Heather Allen, and her family being ambushed and carjacked in broad daylight on their front lawn.

The incident, captured by the family's security camera, unfolded on a seemingly ordinary day as Allen and her children prepared to leave their home. Two young men, one brandishing a handgun, stormed onto their property, shouting for the family to exit their vehicle. The terrifying scene escalated when one of the attackers pulled Allen's daughter out of the car and pointed the gun at her eldest son's face.

In an emotional recounting, Allen described the frantic moments: "You can see me throw my hands up. My son gets out… I told him to run, go into the house, and then that's when I go for the grandbabies in the back seat." The attackers demanded the car keys, which Allen eventually threw to them to get them to leave.

The Jackson Police Department (JPD) was alerted to the armed carjacking on Jayne Avenue at 7:50 PM on May 24. Officers arriving on the scene were informed by Allen that her vehicle had been taken at gunpoint, with her children and grandchildren inside the car at the time. The suspects fired a handgun as they approached, forcing the family out of the car before fleeing in the stolen vehicle.

The terrifying ordeal was just one of many that have plagued Jackson, a city now ranked with one of the highest per capita homicide rates in the United States. The carjacking occurred just 40 minutes after another similar incident on a nearby street, highlighting the rampant crime wave that residents are enduring.

Following a multi-agency five-day search, a juvenile suspect was brought into custody by the JPD. The suspect, whose parents turned him in after recognizing him from news footage, has been charged with armed carjacking and six counts of aggravated assault. He has been given a $1,750,000 bond. Meanwhile, the second suspect remains at large, with police continuing their investigation.

"We have to get out of here. It's not safe. Especially not now, with all the news and stuff because their picture, it's getting out here, and I'm afraid they're going to retaliate," Allen told "Fox & Friends First."

See the full story here via FOX 8.

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